What is an oral health assessment?

An oral health evaluation identifies obvious or suspicious oral health conditions that require, or could require, an examination by a dentist. A dental exam diagnoses dental conditions and forms the basis for treatment recommendations. Primary care professionals or other properly trained professionals, as determined by laws or regulations of state practice, may perform an oral health exam of the lips, tongue, teeth, gums, the inside of the cheeks and the palate to identify oral diseases, especially tooth decay or other oral diseases conditions (for example, delayed dental eruption or premature tooth loss, abscesses or trauma) and to provide guidance for treatment. This video shows a health professional and a parent positioning a child for an oral health exam by placing him from knee to knee.

This booklet is designed to help parents and other caregivers set goals related to oral hygiene, oral health care, and feeding and feeding practices to improve their children's oral health. This report provides examples of selected states of Head Start oral health activities in the areas of oral health education, disease prevention, and treatment programs. To increase the methodological quality of oral health evaluations and facilitate their research in future research, it is necessary to standardize oral health assessment. Considering the scant evidence of the proposed oral health evaluations, the OHAT and the ROAG are the most comprehensive in terms of the oral health elements included (including classification and referral to a dental professional when necessary) and their studies are of the best methodological quality combined with quality positive.

evaluation of validity and reliability. This interactive map shows where Head Start health managers, family service coordinators, home visits, and others can find the frequency schedules of each state's recommended early and periodic detection, diagnosis and treatment programs for oral health. This fact sheet for health and oral health professionals provides information on fluoride varnish and its uses, efficacy, safety, service delivery and reimbursements. The forms provide information about the dental home and the current state of oral health, and what oral health care services were provided during the dental visit.