What is oral health problems?

Oral health refers to the health of our teeth, gums and the entire oral-facial system that allows us to smile, talk and chew. Some of the most common diseases affecting our oral health include tooth decay (tooth decay), gum disease (periodontal) and oral cancer. Dental and oral health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and has also been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Geographic tongue is a common condition that can appear on the top and sides of the tongue and sometimes on the lower surface. Burning mouth syndrome can be an extremely uncomfortable condition that can have several potential causes. Oral health affects every aspect of our lives, but is often taken for granted. The mouth is a window to the body's health.

It may show signs of nutritional deficiencies or of a general infection. Systemic diseases, those that affect the entire body, may first appear due to mouth injuries or other oral problems. The resolution affirms that oral health must be firmly integrated into the non-communicable disease agenda and that oral health interventions must be included in universal health coverage programs. Nuud chewing gum, plastic-free and plant-based, has been approved by the Oral Health Foundation and is beneficial to dental health, since chewing helps neutralize plaque acids after eating or drinking anything, such as sugary foods or coffee that can damage your teeth.

We also have great oral health tips on brushing, nutrition and saving money with your oral health. Nuud plant-based menthol gum, plastic-free, is approved by the Oral Health Foundation as a useful oral health aid. Their bamboo toothbrushes, approved by the Oral Health Foundation, offer consumers an eco-friendly option when it comes to their oral health. The first plastic-free gum approved by the Oral Health Foundation as a useful aid for oral health.

Mhari is the president of the Oral Health Foundation and has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry in the United Kingdom, working as a nurse, oral health consultant and hygienist in a variety of consultative and hospital settings. Other conditions that may be related to oral health include eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, certain types of cancer, and an immune system disorder that causes dry mouth (Sjogren's syndrome). The importance of oral health has increased in recent years, as researchers have discovered a connection between deteriorating oral health and underlying systemic conditions.